The Pack Gallery

Owning a pack is considerably different than owning one or two dogs. At one or two, you are a major part of their pack and they are more likely to look to you for guidance. But once you have 3 or more dogs, it's considerably more difficult to maintain your alpha status. First you have more competition, and secondly, the dogs will bond more strongly to one another and you have to get past this. A stable pack is a beautiful thing...but an unstable pack can be a nightmare. Where you needed control with 2, you need considerably more with 3 and it gets really difficult beyond 4. Structure is the key to a harmony in your large pack. Without it you will live in chaos.


all of our dogs - Penny, Homer, Shadow, Hoover, Nova and Star hunting together in the back yard
The Pack Hunting

Hoover plays with Grandma Penny
The Crabby Grandma Game

Homer and star grazing and Hoover in the background with a victorian collar on Hoover and Homer enjoying the shade on a sunny day

Act natural, that must be some alien dog. Homer and the Hoove resting in the shade.

Best buds - Holly & Nova a foursome - Star, Homer, Holly & the Hoove

Best Friends (Holly and Nova)  A foursome group photo (Star, Homer, Holly, Hoover)

There's a turtle in Homer's mouthPenny, Star and Shadow babysit puppies curled up in the food dish

Homer's Pet Turtle Mom Penny, Star and Shadow help out

Homer, Shadow, Penny & Star watch out the windowPenny in the drivers' seat of the van, Homer in the passenger seat

Watching                                                          Will you drive or shall I?

Holly has ALL the toys in a pile Homer watches over 2 day old puppies
Dog with the most toys wins                  Dad goes it alone with the puppies

A Family Portrait - 3 generations
The Family (Hoover and Nova are the puppies)

waiting_for_van_ride.jpg (23309 bytes)
Waiting for a car ride

Holly at the dog show
Holly Doin' the Dog Show Thing

Swimming Lesson #1 for HOlly Swimming Lesson #2 - tired out

Swimming Lessons and Tired Puppy (Holly)

Chomp first, ask questions later
I Love you Holly Brat (Hoover)

Now, this lecture is about...
Lecture from the Big Guy (Homer)

The 3 girls wearing their In season attire is blue bicycle type pants
Flirtin' with the boys... "in season" attire for 3 girls that all decided to come in season at the same time


A few of our favorite puppy photos

Koani, Meekow, Holly, Frosty and Shelby Waking up the puppy gang

Homer and Penny
Homer & Penny

Hoover and Nova
Hoover & Nova as little tykes

Shadow and Tova Shadow and Tova

Harley (8 weeks) Harley 8 weeks (wooly)

River Indy and Louis Three Musketeers - River, Indy, Louis


Homer the Cowboy

Homer (8 weeks)
Homer - fuzzy even then

Be Nice!
Homer checking on the crabby penny game with Star

head behind the toilet - the toilet gene at work

Homer (8 weeks)
Homer 8 weeks (wooly)

Tired Out
puppy between the bowls

Ode in the Pool
Ode in the pool
(L to R) Louis, River, Gus, Ode, Indy, Stormy
The Gang (2nd litter)

star as a puppy

Ode in his pool

puppy in the box

The Alien 11 Litter go for a swim


Harley & Star
Star and Harley